Countdown Timers for Email

Design countdown timers that perfectly match your email style.
Your timer will look amazing in every inbox, on every device. Guaranteed.

Create a Timer

countdown timer in email
countdown timer in email
countdown timer in email
countdown timer in email
countdown timer in email
countdown timer in email
countdown timer in email
countdown timer in email

Take your emails to the next level and increase your conversions

Create Urgency

Countdown timers create a sense of urgency. Creating urgency is a proven technique for increasing sales and conversions.

Increase Your Sales

By including a custom, eye-catching countdown timer in your message, you are creating a strong visual call to action based on that sense of urgency.

Understandable to All

Dates, times, and time zones can lead to confusion and even worse, math! Countdown timers are clear to understand at a glance.

12+ beautifully designed templates that can be further customized

No coding required - instantly set it up in a matter of seconds.

Powerful & easy to use timer builder

We have created the most complete, and at the same time easy to use countdown timer builder.

Get Started Explore Features

Work with all email marketing software.

No need to change the way that you’re used to working.

Why should you use CountdownMailCountdownMail?

100% Free

100,000 sends every month for free. No credit card required.

Easy To Manage

Intuitive timer builder & easy to paste embed codes.


Create your timer in any language.

High Performing

Deliver your timer in less than a second with our global content delivery system.

Evergreen Countdown Timer

Evergreen Countdown Timer
personalizes the countdown timer
for each email.

Instant updates

Modify the timer at any time,
even after a campaign is sent

Rest API

The CountdownMail API
provides the means to manage
countdown timers.

Real Time Analytics

Track your campaign with real time impression analytics. Track each time your message is opened.

Trusted by thousands of businesses around the world

Emails delivered with our countdown timers


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it compatible with my marketing service?

Our countdown timers is compatible with all email marketing services and will be installed to any of them in seconds.

How do your countdown timers work?

Our generator creates a real-time animated GIF image for each time subscriber opens the email.

Are these countdown timers mobile friendly?

Absolutely! Your custom countdown timer is fully adaptive. It works and looks perfectly everywhere - from a desktop to a smartphone.