Countdown Timer Features

Countdown timer to any date

This is a timer that countdown to a specific date. That is, no matter who opens your letter and where his located, the countdown timer will display the same time, regardless of the recipient’s local time zone. Perfect for sales, holidays, webinars, events, or any kind of promotion where everyone has the same deadline.

Evergreen countdown timer

This is a timer that is unique to each recipient. All recipients receive their own countdown timer, which starts when it opens an email or when an email has been sent. Great for any marketing funnel where each prospect’s deadline is determined by when they enter the funnel. For example, email follow-up sequences, abandoned a shopping cart, trial expiration emails, automated webinars.

Dynamic countdown timer

This is a timer that can be created with a provided timestamp in the URL. Perfect for any kind of promotion where you have a cleary deadline for each recipient.

Dynamic Link

This is a short link that automatically redirects clicks by countdown timer status. With dynamic links, you can easily implement short-time offers for each recipient.