How to Add a Countdown Timer to your Email

How it works?

The countdown clock is an animated GIF image dynamically generated by the server in real-time for each requested image (i.e., when a subscriber opens the email). So if a recipient opens the email daily (or even every second), they’ll see an updated image each time. GIF images are supported in all email clients, including mobile, wherever are enabled images. The exception is Desktop Outlook 2007+, which will show only a static image of the timer. However, this image will be accurate at the time the user opens the email. Here is the client support:

ClientDisplays ImageCounts down
Outlook 02/03YESYES
Outlook 07/10/13YESNO*
Outlook 2011YESYES
Apple MailYESYES
Apple Mail (IOS 15)YESYES**

* Displays first frame of animated GIF only.
** Don't display the correct remaining time if enabled "Protect Mail Activity".

Works on mobile

Countdown Timer displays perfectly in your mobile-friendly version of the email. So have fun designing emails enhanced with countdown timers that look great across all devices!

How to Create Countdown Timer

Step 1: set the timer

Feed in the date, time, and time zone when the timer must end.

How to create Countdown Timer in emails spep1

Step 2: Design the look of the countdown timer

Create your customized countdown timer that matches your email design by defining the dimensions, background color, and font color.

How to create Countdown Timer in emails step 2

Step 3: add timer to your email

Copy generated embed source code like this:

<img src="" alt="" />

and insert into the HTML content at the desired place of your email.

For more information, please read the step-by-step setup guides.

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