Frequently Asked Questions

What is CountdownMail?

CountdownMail provides an easy way to include countdown timers in your email campaigns. It's a great new way to enhance the look of your emails and engage your readers. The timer shows your recipients the exact amount of time left and thus eliminates the risk of anyone missing out due to ambiguous deadlines. Watching the timer tick down creates a sense of urgency for potential customer to act and leads to more conversions.

Who uses CountdownMail?

CountdownMail could be used by practically anyone sending out emails announcing a deadline. Retailers, event planners, you name it. Use CountdownMail to show how much time is left until the kickoff or end of a big sale, the release of a new product, the end of a ticket sale or when RSVPs to your party are due.

How do I include a countdown timer in my emails?

Including a CountdownMail countdown timer is easy and done in two quick steps. Start by creating your custom timer using the timer builder. Choose a timer style, fonts and colors that fit in nicely with the rest of your email. Watch a preview of your timer as you design it. Finish off the timer by indicating an end date and time. Now all that's left is copy and paste the embed code of the timer you created into your email template. Sounds easy right?
Create a timer!

Are countdown timers customizable?

Absolutely! We offer several different timer styles and you have the flexibility for your timer to include days or just show hours, minutes and seconds. Choice in colors, fonts and size are entirely up to you and fully customizable to fit the design of your email.

How do I remove the CountdownMail branding from my timers?

We only show our branding if you're signed up on our free plan. If you don't want our branding to show, consider signing up for one of our premium plans starting at just $7.99!

What is a credit and how many do I get?

Credits are used to keep track of your usage of CountdownMail. A credit is used up every time someone views an email containing your countdown timer - an impression. The number of credits you can use up each month depends on the plan you choose.

What counts as an impression?

An impression is counted every time an email containing your timer is opened. This means that if a recipient opens the email more than once, multiple impressions will be recorded and deducted from your monthly credits. Unopened emails do not count as impressions.

Will you be able to handle my large email marketing campaign?

No worries needed! We've built a reliable infrastructure that is fully optimized and designed to handle large loads at once. Only in extreme cases, say 50 million subscribers or more, do we recommend giving us a heads up before sending out your campaign.

How does CountdownMail deal with time zones?

One of the important benefits of using CountdownMail is that you no longer have to worry about sending emails to people in different time zones. No calculations needed on your side or by the person opening your email. All you have to do is indicate which time zone the timer should use and we do all the math for you. The recipient sees how much time is left based on the end date and time in the time zone you select.

How does Default Language work, and why do some users always see it?

Setting your timer to show the language of the user who opens it is a great feature if you are reaching out to a wide variety of users. We receive a code like "de-de" (for German) from the user's email client, and then know which of our translations to show. Some email providers block this information, such as GMail. All GMail users will see the language you have set as your Default Language.

Countdown Timer Stuck in Looping! Is that a bug?

Our servers generate 60 frames of animation and send them to the user. When a user receives it in their inbox, they'll see it loop for 60 seconds and reset. However, if they leave the email and return it will have adjusted to countdown again. The likelihood of a user watching it reset is very low.

How do I close my account?

Simply downgrade to the Free plan, log in and go to the Plans Page, and select the Free plan again.